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Old 01-19-2008, 08:59 AM
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Default Lite Dty B&D rechargeable screwdriver review

Walking through Wally World after work last weekend, I happened along the tool isle and saw all the bright and shiny motorized stuffs that I already have too many of and noticed that Black and Decker had a swivel handle battery chargeable screwdriver that would look nice hanging next to the chargeable now antique Dust Buster in my kitchen.

Now everybody needs to understand just what/where this drivers place should be. It seems that everybody has a small tool box or drawer that is a catch all for those tools often needed inside the house, hammer, screwdrivers, pliers etc. Well, this would make an excellent item to add. It does beat twisting on a screwdrivers handle, unless you just want the exercise. It is not an industrial driver in any sense or wildest dream.

The price is well matched to it's abilities and at $19.00, is not bad at all. If I was married or dating, I'd probably give one to the wife or girlfriend for Valentines Day or some anniversary. The romantic in me just shines when power tools are concerned.

Model number and particulars of the driver.
3.6V Screwdriver

Model # PD360
Handle locks in 3 positions for constricted locations and tight areas

Forward/Reverse Rocker Switch easily changes from screwdriving to screw removal

Integrated Light illuminates work surfaces (Manual switch that might get left on if forgotten about)

Nose spindle lock for manual use if desired and for greater control when starting and finishing screws

There is a manual switch for a nose mounted (but smallish) led light for seeing the driver tip to screw placement that might come in handy if your working in a darkened area.

Soft Grips for comfort and control(like I'm going to keep it in my hand that long)

After letting it charge for the required 8 hrs for the initial juice as per the instructions, I unplugged it and put it in my lunch bag to take to work to check it's torque value on our calibration equipment in the lab. What I found was surprising. B&D's site professes it to have 40 inch lbs, but I found it's actual torque ability to be closer to 58 inch pounds with a decided loss of rpm and taking 62 inch lbs to stop it dead. Fwd and reverse torque differences were within +/- 1 inch lbs.

So far I have run in about 14 each 3" long 3/16th wood screws thru sheet rock and wall studs, to hang shelving rails and it did a right nice job as well on the 4 each 1/4"x 3 1/2" long screws to hang a wall mount computer monitor swivel hanger into the wall studs. I was impressed with that alone.

Why did I go to this much trouble? Simply put, I was bored and upset with the new changes at work. Plus it will give Tommy something to post.
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Old 01-19-2008, 12:08 PM
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The small ones are great when you are doing electrical work.
You often have 2 and 3 inch, fine thread, screws with no real load on them.
That is a lot of twisting and these things are good for it.
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