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Old 10-31-2008, 05:11 PM
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Ok here We have some pictures to give a better description of what I have. The centrifugal switch contacts look good and ohm out correct. In picture two you can see the back side of the breaker and it ohms out correct. In order to run the motor on the run capacitor I would need to spin the shaft fast enough to spin the centrifugal out and change the contacts. That isn't going to happen.

I don't have a way of checking the start capacitor other than calling a friend over. So I'm betting that is the problem.

I went in the breaker panel to see how it was wired at the breaker. White and black both come of the breaker on separate connections on the same breaker. Each side measures 120v same as the connections to the motor. I measured the connections on the motor with the pressure switch on and off and was able to get voltage with the switch in the correct throw so the Pressure switch is working. There are three wires White to ground= 120v, black to ground = 120v and green= ground. Between the black and white there isn't a reading.

I have reset all circuit breakers at the first sign of trouble and have continued to reset each at each stage of troubleshooting. I'm not brave enough to disconnect the motor wiring with power on.

In my wiring experience I have understood that some 220 wiring is actually two 120v lines connected and combined in the actual motor or appliance. If I misunderstand this please correct me.
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