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Old 10-09-2020, 09:40 PM
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I suspect I am preaching to the Choir for a lot of older folks. But, I decided to post this for the broader audience on SFT beyond the regular posters to include FNG's and lurkers. I dug into a project with my Son involving issues with the Transmission in His 94 Pathfinder. Long story short lube got low in the trans and starved the rear bearing on the top shaft. Which is commonplace on old school shit that are splash lubed versus pressure lubed. So,here is where the fun began . The Pathy is a year older than my son But, is an official heirloom because he has had it since he was 15. It has around 300,000 miles . I won't do a complete rebuild on the trans (could I yes) But, Hell Naw. This is a process made much easier if you actually can still find actual old school parts folks. Start with any and all parts # on the Physical part. No, luck go to step 2 in the case of a bearing or seal ETC. take accurate measurements plus a description of the part. In my case Japanese Trans . So, I came up with Thin shell needle bearing 42 MM O.D. X 32MM Bore X 20 MM wide +3220 on the bearing. No joy kept digging came up with a complete part # for the bearing 7E-HMK3220 $15 versus $175 for a Ebay rebuild kit . Should come in a couple days from Motion Industries ( But, here is the lesson I made the wife who was chasing parts for me call Motion 3 times) they came through the last time. They don't have a Crystal Ball and can only do so much searching for a Nickle & Dime Customer. A lot of times it only takes that one last tidbit you dig up.
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Old 10-10-2020, 05:51 AM
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So the lesson is, do not stop at the first “no”. Keep calling back until someone different says yes, We can get that.

Nice persistence.

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