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Old 06-27-2024, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
Someone on the Canadian Hobby Machinsts mentioned that Busy Bee Tools sells the sam thing as King and Grizzly and Jet. So I looked it up and it is called a CX116
I tried to contact the HO of Busy Bee, they put me on hold and then wanted me to leave a message. Not.
Today I was in Edmonton for a liver exam, and I darkened the door of the local Busy Bee. Been 7 yrs since I wasted time there. I came in and a woman came up to me and I told her I wanted a worm gear for the CX166 and the number on the diagram was 50. She whipped up the computer and said we have one in stock, I think. And jogged off to get it. And it was the right thing for 67 dollars. Could have blown me over with a fart.
I told her what I thought was the problem, too much Yak Fat. She said she does the rebuilding on the milling machines and she said I was right and she now puts Lubriplate in the gearheads. I told her I was a metalworker and that's why I never come here. She said that the previous manager was a woodworker and he filled the place with planers and sanders. She said when she took over the store, she started pushing that stuff out the door, and all her customers are metalworkers because she is an oilfield machinist.
Wow. She said please come back and see what I'm doing here.
So here is my old gear and my new gear. Hot damn!
Gerry chalk that one up to Right time Right place. Chalk it up as a win and go buy a Lottery ticket before your luck wears off
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Old 06-28-2024, 06:27 AM
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that was a win for sure.
lucky day and cheap too.
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