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Old 10-31-2015, 07:27 PM
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Back last spring in my Wayward John Deere thread I posted about the Hyster forklift. It was used to lift milo's truck for an oil change.
So as the economy is crumbling, and communists are winning elections, I felt it was time to try to sell it, or else hang onto it for a long time.
I put an ad up on Machinery Trader and a few others(waste of money) and an ad on Kijiji. I posted in BC and Alberta for $11,000.

So after a week a muslime from Hamas "charity" organization wanted to buy it and ship it to Lebanon (to unload rockets?) He was bound and determined we could get it into a seacan. I agreed we could if we dropped it from a great height. He seemed to forget about the door posts on the can, and was not pleased when I told him I would charge him to remove the mast, and would do nothing til I saw money.
Then comes a guy and offers me two used pickups and 3000 cash
Then a nice guy from southern Saskatchewan phoned and never quibbled about the price like the fucking muslim. He offered a bank draft and said he would come up sight unseen and buy it. What a surpriseThey have a conservative government and Saskatchewan is rockin'
Then my neighbor Jason from about 4 miles away came into the yard waving a checkbook, and I had to tell him it was committed, and he could have it only if the first buyer failed to show. Jason kept calling to check, but the guy from down south showed up on time and we got it loaded and gone.
I figure the net was a bit over 8700, and the lesson for me was the free advertising site works and the paid ones don't.

And I have a line on another 180E
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The virtue is always a cover for the sin. That's the key to understanding the modern left. Whatever they're accusing you of doing, they are doing themselves but more enthusiastically. And that's definitely the story of Justin Trudeau. Tucker Carlson
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Old 10-31-2015, 08:09 PM
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I play by those same rules, both ways too. Had a guy come out to buy that RV trailer. He came out with 10k in hundred dollar bills. It takes a little while to count that, but certainly time well spent.
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Old 11-01-2015, 09:10 AM
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I sold a '77 Pinto Wagon to a fella on Ebay once who drove from the 4-corners area to pick it up. It was in rough, rusted shape. The bondo alone probably added another 500# to it. Motor hadn't run in a decade.

Also had a set of headers for it, that were listed separately and ended while the guy was driving down to pick up the car. He won that one too, and paid twice what he paid for the car for the headers...
I've always had more time than money.

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