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Old 02-11-2019, 04:57 PM
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Ted, this is probably not exactly relevant but this winter my old Jeep wouldn't start in cold weather. It's so old that it's pre-code reader ready so no help there.
But a little searching led me to a discussion that advised this model will not fire or start before the check engine light comes on, so turn the key on & wait. One guy said his Jeep sometimes took 30 minutes to come on. Mine is not that severely degraded - yet.

The problem turns out to be the old capacitors inside the Ignition Control Module getting weak with age & the cold prevents them from charging to a sufficient level to power the ICM. These modules are available for about $200 at the store or take your chance on ebay, of course.

Since we don't really get extreme cold temperatures here mine will usually activate the check engine light within 20-30 seconds. It does vary by how cold it is but at any temp above about 45° it comes on and starts immediately. Once we drop below 20°, I am in for a little bit more of a wait & she doesn't want to idle until the engine temp comes up a little bit, but that's the idle control unit - another small can of worms.

While I have no idea which of your truck components is failing in the cold there could be a weak capacitor somewhere in the woodpile. 2002 is certainly old enough for some capacitor degradation.
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Old 02-12-2019, 03:51 PM
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Rod I think that you are on to something there I did a bunch of searching about this year truck and two different guys found that if they took their PCM (power control module) inside at nite their truck would start right up in the morning, one guy said he thought his truck was afraid the dark because it wouldn't start until after the sun came up.
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