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Old 12-01-2007, 05:50 PM
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Default Product/Equipment Review Index.

This thread is to index all relevant Product and Equipment Reviews.

TommyA is in charge of this thread, if you are aware of or write a new review of any tools, equipment or consumable supplies please drop a PM to TommyA so he can evaluate it and add if he deems it relavent.

I will add reviews positive or negative should be written in a professional and objective manner.

This thread can only be added to by Administrators and Moderators.

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Default Product/Equipment Review

Below you will find an index of Product / Equipment Reviews written by Shop Floor Talk members. The main purpose for these reviews is to assist others in their research. If you have written a review and would like a link posted in the index please private message TommyA with information on that review.

Thank you for your efforts to make this a valuable section
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Default Accessory/Miscellaneous Reviews

Northern Tool Drill Bits by 84ZMike
Slug Cutters by platypus20
Autocut 3/4" Copper Tubing Cutter Review by Dubby
Fastenal Carbide End mills by Platypus20
Drill Bit Sharpener by tnfarmboy
Husky Jump Starter System HSK037HD Review by TommyA
Sait Ovation Flap Disc by 84zmike
Northern Industrial 60 LED Rechargeable Work Light by TommyA
Harbor Freight Band Saw Blade Welder by pietperson
Digital Photo Optic Tachometer by Platypus20
4 1/2" Cutoff Wheels by 84Zmike
Harbor Freight Drill Bits by digr
Product Review: Harbor Freight "SlugBuster" (tm Greenlee) by mccutter
Cruizer's Pipe Lining Remote: A Review by Coalsmoke
Walter Big Buff II Kit 30-a-267 by Photomask
Walter Line-Mate Kit 30-A-269 by Platypus20
Provision 100 Bore Scope by Platypus20
Craftsman Magnetic Lights by Platypus20
3" Husky Grinding Wheels by WP88
Walter Flex-Cut Grinding Wheels by Platypus20
Markal Silver Streak Marking Pen by Platypus20
Bosch Titanium Step Drill Bits by Platypus20
Hall Borebor Mag Drill Step Bits by Platypus20
Welding Cable Reels by Fluxcore
Jancy Sheet Metal Cutters by Platypus20
Denali 11-Inch Angle Protractor by LW Hiway
Review of Harbor Freight 2" Boring Head by Fla Jim
Fenner Power Twist Belts by Mild Steel
Hf Powder Coat Set by Barn Owl
Drill Doctor 750X Review by Mild Steel
Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries by Tnmike


Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries by Tnmike


Book Review "Machine Shop Trade Secrets" by Calvary
Book Review "Building Shop" by J. Randolph Bulgin by SlimJim


Carhartt... Made in Bangladesh by Jeff
Gloves of Choice? by dubby


Kodak M753 Digital Camera by Platypus20
Milwaukee #2310-21 Inspection Camera By Platypus20
Cell Phones by Walker
Uniden Phone System a Users Review by LW Hiway
Digital Cameras...Rebel anyone by LW Hiway
I've Gone Over To the Dark Side( Macbook Computer) by Platypus20
Netbook by TommyA
Kodak M341 Digital Camera by Platypus20

Good Eats Reviews

It's snowing somewhere, time for Gumbo by LW Hiway
Tracy's Crawfish and Cornbread Dressing by LW Hiway
Buy Some Plums and Get Three Horses Free Rustic Plum Cake by Madam X
I Am The Beet Queen Beet Recipes by Dallas
Sure 'n Begorrah Colcannon(Irish Soda Bread) by Madam X
Meat Loaf Recipe Supplied by Several Members
Turkey Recipe by W.D
A Light Meal Before Feasting (Corn Fritters) by Madam X
New Orleans Grandma Middendorf's "Party Potato Salad" by LW Hiway
Rudolf(The Red Nosed Reindeer Taste Good) (Deer Jerky) by Doc J
Reuben Sandwich Supplied by Several Members
Winter and Cooking Different Recipes Supplied by Several Members
Fuddruckers Buns and Meat by Dallas B (Bread Recipe)
Dutch Oven by Old Man ( OPossum and Armadillo Recipes)
Orange Spice Muffins by madam X
Corn Chowder by Platypus20
Maple Roasted Carrots by madam X
Winkler Pecan Farms (Pecan Pie Recipe) by Harvuskong

Home Repair

Terry Love's Consumer Toilet Report Thanks cutter

Internet Services

Hughesnet.. Good or Bad? by Jeff

On-line Business Reviews

Max Tool by ace4059

Pest Control

Harbor Freight Impulse Buy -Zap by mccutter
Victor Mouse Trap Model M250 by dubby


Tube Bending Software by KB Fabricators
EZ Pipe Software by Harvuskong
Bend Tech Software by KB Fabrications
Pipe Joint software by dubby
Marv Klotz's Utilities Software by digr
Smartdraw Plans for a Self Cleaning Bench by digr(Still required to ask what software his is using!)

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Default Air Tool Reviews

Air Compressors

Quincy Compressor Electrical Requirements by hartkem
Quincy Compressor by Ggg
Correct Quincy Compressor For Me by Remi
Smith Compressor by Okdirt
Gas Air Compressors Which to Buy? by jksweld
Ordered a Gas Air Compressor Today by jksweld
Purchasing a new Champion Air Compressor for home workshop-seeking Advice by Leapinglaundry

Pneumatic Tools
Nail Gun Help by Crithpy Critter
Air Saws and Their Blades by Platypus20
Nitto Kohki Belton B-6A Belt Sander by Platypus20
Jet JSM-619 Pnematic Angle Grinder by Platypus20
Husky 3/8" Air Impact by Dubby
Husky 3/8" Pneumatic Drill by Platypus20

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Default Harbor Freight Reviews

China Man Rotary Laser Review by Cavalry
HF Sand Blaster S-38375 Review by Lu47Dan
HF Wheeled Tool Tote Review by Lu47Dan
Harbor Freight Band Saw Review by Blown 4.3
Harbor Freight Portaband Saw by cutter
-Cutter...Need Port-a-band Info by Pat
--Habor Freight Portaband Saw: Act II by mccutter
The Harbor Freight Throatless Shear by cutter
OK Cutter, You Win by Lu47Dan
Truing HF Band Saw by 69 work in progess
HF Caliper by rmack898
Hot dawg HF Comes Through Again- Air/Hydraulic Jack by KB Fabrications
HF Gravity Feed Sandblasters by BobtheWelder
Harbor Freight Band Saw Blade Welder by pietperson
Harbor Freight Impulse Buy -Zap by mccutter
Harbor Freight Hit List by Chumly2071
More Harbor Freight by cutter
Harbor Freight Drill Bits by digr
Product Review: Harbor Freight "SlugBuster" (tm Greenlee) by mccutter
HF Auto-Darkening Helmet by Sirarcalot
HF tool cart by Platypus20
HF Drill Press by pietperson
Harbor Freight Hydraulic Press by Platypus20
HF Tire Changer by dubby
Review Of Harbor Freight 46727 Tool Ginder by Fla Jim
Review of Harbor Freight 2" Boring Head by Fla Jim
Harbor Freight # 97686 Desiccant Air Drier by Platypus20
Hf Powder Coat Set by Barn Owl
Harbor Freight #623 Dial Indicator by Platypus20
Product Review; Harbor Freight Chain Saw Chain Sharpener 93213 68221 by Mccutter
Harbor Freight 4x6 Horizantal/Vertical Band Saw by Weldor2005

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Default Machining Reviews


Which Lathe to Keep by Cavalry
Supermax Lathe 1440 by elwood22165
Emco Compact Lathe Comments
Lathe Review by David Lee


Jet JVM 836-1 Jet Milling Machine by Platypus20


Grizzly R8 Tooling by Platypus20

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