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Old 08-03-2022, 11:40 PM
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Default Seeking ideas for pulley/belt transmission or a solution to gearing problem.

I like to make home-built machines out of other peoples' junk. My usual setups include a 5-22 hp downshaft engine, mower pulleys and levers, and a few car parts thrown in for good measure. I need some gearing! Any of you good people here have any ideas how to get some gearing using belts and pulleys? There are a couple example I have found online. One example was on an early steam tractor that had high and low range. The gearing was accomplished by sliding a shaft from one set of pulleys to another set of pulleys creating two speeds. Pretty sure you had to stop the engine to change gears though. Another example was a bicycle race where derailers were not allowed to change gears. The riders would actually stop, remove the rear wheel and flip it around to another sprocket. Both of these example would "kinda" work but I need at least 4 different speeds. I would love a simple belt/pulley transmission setup. I might try the sliding shaft approach but any and all ideas are welcome!
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