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Old 04-04-2022, 03:21 PM
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My experience with the dewalt batteries has been much better than yours,
sorry to hear your problems.

I just bought a new recip ("sawsall") saw, DeWalt 60V Flexvolt tool. I just
bought the bare tool as I have 3 of the 60V batteries and chargers.

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Old 04-04-2022, 05:45 PM
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Despite the cool kids driving dodge trucks and red grinders I have always been very happy with Dewalt I abused the hell out of a set of 18V tools when I was a construction super, and have continued using all of their tools now that I'm self employed.
The 11 amp 4.5 inch grinder is a well balanced beast that I use more than any other tool in the shop and I don't know how I lived without the 6 inch cutter, between it and a portaband the chop saw stays in a corner in shame 99% of the time.
The base model drills in the 20V line are a bit on the wimpy side but I've been very happy with all 6 batteries I have.I think that if I had a service center available to me I would have been able to get the battery replaced and would have been very happy with the grinder. I still think it has better features than Milwaukee or Makita's cordless options. The nearest authorized service center is 117 miles away for me and I am stuck dealing with clueless and uninterested email customer service. I'm not that upset that I got one bad tool out of well over a dozen, but telling the rep I have a battery or charger problem and getting directed to a service that refuses to accept batteries or chargers is kind of a problem for me. I told her she turned me into a Milwaukee customer and I left them a nasty 1 star review in the survey they sent me. Life will go on.
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