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Old 12-09-2008, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by big rig guy View Post
We moved into the new shop over the weekend and just getting it up and running yesterday and today.

Building and property are working out real well. Hopefully 2009 there will be trucks to work on?????
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Old 12-13-2008, 02:39 AM
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Our local truck shop continues to have a line of trucks waiting to be worked on.
You do the best you can with what you've got.
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Old 01-03-2009, 09:50 AM
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I found late last week that the guy that I am sharing the shop with, has gone behind my back and signed the lease in his name only.
I bought a new truck paint booth and it is sitting here on the floor and I refuse to put it up if my name is not on the lease.
Bickering back and forth does not work for me, so I got another shop back in Milton in a truck yard, much like my original shop, alot smaller than this one that I am in now.
I am going back to what has always work for me in the past and expect to be out of this shop by the middle of January. I have big jobs on the floor to finish up first.
The other guy has someone with money that can buy the booth from me, 32 grand. As I don't want to put up a booth for myself and don't have the room in the shop that I am going to.

You know, our phones are dead dead dead. Everyone I talk to is dead slow, either parked or down 50 to 75 %. This smaller shop is over 2/3 thirds cheaper than the big shop and that makes me feel a ton better. Plus it is smack down in the middle where everyone and his brother knows me. Where I am at now, I am a half hour travelling time out of the loop.
I have the new shop now, and this time I am sending in one of my guys to clean and paint the shop and a general cleanup, make sure the lights work etc etc and build a small office.
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Old 01-04-2009, 03:49 PM
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I have the new shop now, and this time I am sending in one of my guys to clean and paint the shop and a general cleanup, make sure the lights work etc etc and build a small office.
I sure don't blame you one bit about the single name on the 'lease', as that would put you at a disadvantage for sure.

It'll be nice to see a few pics from you once you get back into your swing and in your own space/shop.

Congrats, it's the fight that makes it fun and worthwhile in business.

Again, thanks for the update.
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Old 01-09-2009, 07:51 PM
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Question Business is so-so...

My business is fabricating a cable-cutting machine for large electrical contractors. It is directly related to commercial construction, which is waning and "catching down" to residential construction slowage/stopage.

2008 was about 1/2 the sales of 2007 BUT 2007 was about 2/3rds better than 2006 and growth prior to that had been steady. So 2008 wasn't too bad comparatively. 2009 is starting off slow but historically has been a slow month for us. We have enough saved up to last a couple months without having to hit the line of credit. Hopefully sales will pick up by then.

Fortunately our overhead is low so monthly costs aren't too bad. Just downsized a storage area saving $100/month. Had lots of excess inventory leftover from 2007 so that was one less expense.

Sold some miscellaneous equipment in 2008, stuff I had been "collecting" to outfit my "new" shop which never happened. Actually made money on most of it either at auction, Ebay or craigslist. Sadly, that money went right back into the business and is now not really accounted for. I'm going to buy a used welder mainly because it is about half what a new one goes for. Don't need it yet but worst case scenario I can sell it and make an easy profit.

Lots of contractor tools for sale on craigslist. Some good deals, some not. Guy around the corner had a yardsale and he had about a dozen nail guns he couldn't GIVE away... Almost bought a fairly new Milwaukee panel saw for $400 (about 1/3 new cost) but I'd only use it once every month or two so I had to pass. Good time to pick up a generator--seem to be a lot of them for sale... Auctions I've been to recently are still bringing ALL the money--there IS money out there. Auctioneering is good business to be in right now...

I'm buying back one of our machines from a landscape supply company out of Tacoma, WA. Electrical contractor sold contents of a storage area to this co. who called the number on the machine (me). It is a very specialized machine and we are the only dealer (it is patented). I'll cross reference the serial number to see who went belly up. A number of other customers have become under different names or ownership, usually buying out their parent company.

Things are tough in Central Florida/Orlando/Daytona area. Lots of vacant stores and warehouses. And foreclosed homes. I've had one directly across the street for 3 years now... Seeing (and flagging) more and more people selling everything out of their soon-to-be foreclosed homes. I don't know if they realize this, but they are taking something that doesn't belong to them--it belongs to the bank, and by them stealing from the bank, we all will have to pay for it in the long run.

I have a couple "irons in the fire" such as a potential alum. fence project, a smaller version of our machine that is less money and almost ready to market, a redesign of our machine and maybe some automotive work on the side. Still have some stuff to sell but I'm running out of "good" stuff that turns a quick profit. People are holding onto their money...

Fortunately, we have pristine credit both personally and business-wise. I haven't had any problems with any of my suppliers who I have terms with. I am one that pays everything as soon as I get it, especially if there is a "10-day" discount. I have had one or two "slow" payers (over 60 days) in 2008 but everyone has been paying. We don't take credit cards but I offer a 5% discount for "pre-payment" which many companies take advantage of. Otherwise it is "30-days NET" (pay within 30 days). I have started checking credit references, though which we never used to do.

Finally got some deadbeats evicted from a rental of ours. What a miserable process. Never again--I hope. Third time's a charm and I have a good tenant in there now that (so far) has paid the rent early, has plenty of money in the bank and works steady as a manager of a metal working shop. He is on a 6-month lease and I hope he decides to buy the place when the lease is up. That would be a load off because being a landlord can suck at times.

I wonder what the media is going to do when -elect takes office and the promised "change" doesn't happen. Who will they blame then? I'm always depressed when I meet someone I used to regard highly only to find out they voted for Obama. Some very heated arguements have ensued...

It will be interesting to see who benefits from the "new" New Deal being proposed. Infrastructure improvement is a good investment of our tax dollars or more specifically, our children's tax dollars. I only hope I get a piece of the pie if I need it or maybe my skin is too white?

Gods Bless America!

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