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Old 05-14-2006, 05:22 PM
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This probably goes without saying but I will say it anyway so that no one gets the wrong idea. This was 100% my idea, it was not solicited by Shade or anyone helping Shade. I just thought it was a good idea to help defray some of the costs of running this site and to make it more attractive to Ron to keep this place going. This site means a lot to me personally (more than most of you will ever know) and I want to see it thrive. It is also 100% voluntary but having said that I think it is a great way to say thanks and to show some appreciation. Even a gift as small as $500.00 dollars will add up if enough of us do it.



Cutter or MadamX, please add some adhesive to this thread for a little while anyway so that our members who do not come in every day will get a chance to see it.
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