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Default Project and Equipment Index

This is a partial index to projects or repair methods or equipment that have been posted by members and nominated as "keepers" by the other members who have deemed them especially helpful. This idea was recommended by lwhiway in the second listing below.

Click on Links to other Archives

1. Review Index (Product/Equipment)

2. Website Equipment, Supplier and OEM Index

3. Tricks and Tips


2) Bandsaws and Related
___Saws: Equipment Discussion

3) Welding.
_Welding Equipment.
__ Welding: Equipment Discussion
___Plasma Cutter Projects.
____Welding Tables.
_____Welding Carts.
______ O/A Torches & Accessories.
_______ Bottle Sizes.

4) Air Dryers
5) Forge, Blacksmithing and related
6) Shop-made Tools
_Sanders and Grinders
__ Stands
___ Vises and Clamps
____ Wilton Gallery

7) Log Splitters and Logging
8) Fun Stuff
__Horseshoe Art

9) Hydraulic Presses and Rollers and Brakes.
__ Rollers.

10) Fences, Gates & Railings.
11) Coping Tubing.
12) 3 Phase Converters
13) Ok Kids, Try this at Home. Shop Built Vehicles
14) Trailers
15) Tables, Benches ~ Indoor or Outdoor
16) Wood Stoves, Smokers & BBQ's
17) Cable and Hose Reels, Hangers & Racks, Pallet Carriers

18) Machine Shop Projects
_ DRO's Digital Readout"s
__ Milling and Projects made by a mill, can be any use.
___ Lathe Projects
____ Cutters Atlas Lathe Series.

19) Lawn & Garden Projects
_ Shredder Mulcher Question
__ Cutter's little tractors
___ Cutter's White Trash Series - Forksnatch

20) Toolboxes.
21) Heavy Equipment and Vehicle
_ Line Boring and related
__ Vehicle
___ Discussion

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Director of Policy, Syntax and Grammar (by appointment)

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Default Bandsaws and Related

Converted my vertical band saw to cut metal bluechipmachineshop
Stolen 4 X 6 Bandsaw Mod jamesemery728 .......jack screw for sawing short parts
band saw feeder Andyman
portaband mod Andyman
The Sawmill engineman56
Nuther band saw mod rmack898..... adding a jack screw for short parts
Band Saw Mod/Clamp by Broccoli1
Bandsaw Clamp Modification for Short Stock by Fla_Jim
Harbor Freight Bandsaw Stand with workstop by Fla Jim
Folding stand Jet Bandsaw Stand also by rmack898.........Second one made by moejosteve.

Brazing Bandsaw Blades by Fla Jim
The Brazing Jig by Fla Jim
Revised Bandsaw Blade Brazing by Fla Jim

Pull-down band-saws by X-ray.....KAMA, Acrobat, etc.
KAMA by X-ray
Harbor Freight 4x6 Bandsaw Review by Blown 4.3
Jet 5x6 Feedback by rmack898
Harbor Freight Portaband by cutter
Homier 4 x 6 Bandsaw by cutter
Carolina Tool & Machinery Bandsaw by cutter and Old Man.................Renovation.
Slag's Power Hacksaw by SlagKing

Pucker Factor Band sawing ....By Randyjaco holding.

Sears and Craftsman Source Product Code (Who Made this Sears Tool?) Contributed by RancherBill in This Thread
Powermatic Vertical Bandsaw with VFD by allessence

My new Johnson Model J todd
Another Johnson model J project by allessence
Kysor Johnson Cutter.........Horizontal band saw repair
Johnson Model J challenges stampeder ... Saw rebuild.
Johnson Model J Bandsaw rebuild questions apoulos ......Rebuild
advice on Johnson model B? monkers

Saws: Equipment Discussion.
DoAll 36" allessence
Betzy DoALL rip fence allessence

Anybody have a Wells bandsaw?.........By trukfan
Well's Manufacturing Bandsaw.......By Seagiant
Judge Bob's Wellsaw Model 58B .....cutter & Judge Bob
Wellsaw model 600........By mcckkey
Old bandsaw (Carolina)........By albert

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Old 04-08-2006, 01:12 PM
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Default Welding

Welding Equipment

Broken MIG Wire Spool threepiece ......rewinding a MIG spool
DIY Tig cooler spyder
My TIG cooler Ed
Tig Cooler build Ram48
TIG cooler hertzmille1
cooler Ggg
Horay I got my water cooled setup going! Don S
Project Tig Pedal Gadgeteer
Adding a foot pedal to the HF TIG welder MarkBall

Welding Positioner by Diverbill45 and Scooter
Postioner Started
Positioner Finished
~project Turntable~ tigman250........Welding positioner.
Combination Line Boring Rig and Welding Table Build… by TriHonu ......Manual positioner.
Practical Shop Made welding Positioner Jetweldfonzy

Welding: Equipment Discussion.
PowerMig 350MP v. Millermatic 350P trial by Shade Tree

Old Lincoln Torpedo Welders:
Old Lincoln Machine b grizzley30814
Hola from Columbia! by MAC702

Plasma Cutter Projects

Plasma cut outs and rolling by sstec

Scott V posted these videos of his plasma table in action:
Scott V Goes to the Movies 1
Scott V Goes to the Movies 2
Scott V Goes to the Movies 3

Cart for Plasma Cutter by digr

Machining a machine torch holder Ironman..... plasma breakaway
Plasma tracer - pantograph camdigger
Circle Burner for Plasma Torch Vernon
Circle cutter for my plasma cutter. Lu47Dan
Plasma Circle Cutter by Carbon
Quickie Plasma Compass by cutter
Another Quickie Plasma Compass by cutter
Plasma Torch Circle Cutter by OleDog
A little of this, a little of that........... ...By MarkBall2...... plasma cutter circle guide

Welding Tables

Links to Welding Tables, research done by GWIZ

Building a little welding cart/table BurningMetal
New welding table allessence
Welding/Fabrication table Scratch
Welding table project Ram48
Welding table, another one. Charlie C
Combination Line Boring Rig and Welding Table Build… by TriHonu
Workbench and small fab table by stomper4x4
pics for Wyoming.... by Pilgrim
my welding table by dirtdigger
Slag's Tables by SlagKing
Receiver 2 welding table by X-ray
Fab Table by JimL
Po' Boy's Welding Table, at last by Cutter
Welding Table Cutting Grate re-visited by Cutter
Welding table height by Team-Bratpack
Welding Table by Lyaec350
A Welding Table by photomask
Small Welding Table by rustybearing
Folding Welding Table by chevyman_de

Welding Carts

New Trailblazer Carrier .... by DDA52

My new 2 wheel welding cart. Yeah Baby!!! ..... by allessence ... inline cylinder A/O cart.
Building a little welding cart/table BurningMetal
Welding Cart for Invertec 275s .....By jb-mck
HF welding cart Graybeard62
Another TIG trolley Ed
My Welding condo (cart) project Ram48
TIG cart project. Hollywood
XMT304 cart finished!!! derekpfeiffer
My New Welding Cart Marcus
Yet another welding cart....... by MarkBall2
Dynasty DX Crazy Cart by wildfire
My cart - finally! by dubby
Just Another Cart, but by digr
The Welding Cart Thread started by Morpheus
SS Equipment Cart by Photomask
All in One Fabrication Cart by LRAmberson
Portable welding/potting bench cramd.....with hydraulic wheel lift

Custom Oxy' & Acet' Cart. .....By ~Sticl/MIG~
Todays project oxy/acetylene cart. rotty........inline Bottle cart
Yet Another Torch Cart (Beefy!) coleasterling

O/A Torches & Accessories

Torch Circle Cutter ..... by milomilo
Torch Cradle tophand ......O/A
Another circle burner digr ......for A/O torch
Guides and Setting your acetylene torch by digr
Torch (O/A Settings) Question from Farm Mom
Torch Guide by stonestacker
Can't digr .......magnetic burning guide

Small circle burner for torch Vernon
Todays project oxy/acetylene cart. rotty........inline Bottle cart
Yet Another Torch Cart (Beefy!) coleasterling
Cylinder Carrier, or whatever you want to call it. PA Welder...Truck mount carrier

Bottle Sizes

What size is your bottle? Here are a couple of references:
Bottle Sizes, capacities & dimensions as related to contents.

Cylinder reference
Cylinder Chart from Airgas

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Default Air Dryers

Compressed air dryers
Guessing game Both threads started by Pile Buck

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Default Forge, Blacksmithing and related

Jennifer's Tutorials

Fitchburg Forge In competition 2021..... by allessence

damasc, Bacote, take apart knife .... by allessence
Timken Made in USA (made 2x) .... by allessence ..... knife

4Lbs Steeled wrought iron hammer (modified swedish) ..... by allessence

Jen's Forge? ..... by allessence
More forge tools.. different handles....... by allessence

New Blacksmith shop on wheels ..... by allessence

Buffalo Forge and Blower 12" silent 200 ..... by allessence .... Rebuild.
Buffalo Silent 200 16" blower ..... by allessence

Damper build allessence

How to start a coal forge....... by allessence

New Anvil stand for the New anvil.. .... .. by allessence
Anvils, anvils, anvils and shop equipment allessence
Large anvil stand ..... by allessence
Hay Budden 1909 198lbs special order????? ..... by allessence

Forge tools (rake also known as side poker) ..... by allessence
Hardie that's possible.. ???? 3/4" Anvil Hardie ...... by allessence
Making tongs or simular pliers. allessence
did some forging today/ allessence...Cold chisel, cape chisel and siding down chisel.

Make your own Hammer handle.. allessence
New Hot rasp handle(making the wrought iron ferrule) ..... by allessence

Butterfly lay up Felling Axe (fancy) allessence
Log pull spike ..... by allessence
Hot cut hardie for Refflinghaus allessence
Hatchax wrought iron and 5160 allessence

Forge Welding chain ..... by allessence
Making Forged Nails allessence
How to make Rivets/Bolts #1 allessence
Blacksmith twist fireplace poker ... by allessence
2 tine roasting fork for ????..... by allessence
High lift jack (Reese top hook forged and fabricated) ..... by allessence

Blacksmith Diamond ..... by allessence

Chopper knife ....... by allessence
wagon tire/leaf spring damascus ....... by allessence

Ladle 4th piece in colonial kitchen set
.. by allessence
Knife finished for spoon and fork set.. .... by allessence
Hoof knife descending blade ..... by allessence
Tire spoons ..... by allessence

How to forge a Fancy colonial spoon.. by allessence ...... Youtube
How to forge weld a straight bar
.... by allessence ...... Youtube
How to forge an S Hook .... by allessence ...... Youtube
How to forge bolt heads.. ..... by allessence ...... Youtube

================================================== ===============

Silver Mounted Belt Buckle ..... by Matt Shade
Farrier Rasp and Silver Belt Buckle ..... by Matt Shade

First billet of damascus ..... by Matt Shade
Anvil Stand ..... by Matt Shade
Forged Hunting Knife ..... by Matt Shade

Yes, Blacksmiths make their own tools JWBIRONWORKS

Thoughts On Anvils... ...... LKeithR

Rail anvil stand LW Hiway ....wooden stand.
Anvil Stand jamesemery728
Forging an anvil tnmike

How to: forged leaf. Dr Dean
Sleigh Bells JWBIRONWORKS and Leather and Steel.

Forged Arrow handle (or latch with a little more work) for beehive oven. ..... by allessence
40th wedding anniversary trivet ..... by allessence
Forged Fort Brackets allessence
Forged Strap hinges and Dutch oven door hardware. ..... by allessence

Forging hardware starters. allessence
Last forge Job!!!!! allessence
Gate... FORGED!!! allessence
Forged Hinge blanks allessence
hoof knife made. allessence
Hoof knife 2 allessence
Hoof knife 3 allessence

Putting a bend in it. Ironman..... straightening fork lift forks

A Little Forge engineman56
Another Propane Forge ..... by bigb
Small forge build Tally ZJ
Babington Burner Mayhem
Anybody built or used a homemade forge? Greenbuggy
Zoeller Forge Ironman ....Question
Brick Pile Forge Franz
My brand new forge!!! Amalgam
Furnace pot digr

Pdf book Interesting Blacksmithing Book .....found by Whitetrash
blacksmithing tool sites arcdawg
Books and Reference Materials. ShadeTree Welder ... also blacksmithing.

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Default Shopmade Tools

Funnel Stand brucewWelding Finger with Accesories Mild Steel
Welding Finger? No, it's Frankenfinger! nctox
3d Hand Ram48 ......hold down finger.

Hiways ToeJack build LW Hiway
Adjustable crowsfoot, Say what!!! allessence
Last caulking gun I'll own. NOBLNG
Angle Grinder Holder brucew
Socket organizer Sberry
shop made cleco attachment for Air screwdriver MetalWolf
Pocket size layout guide for holes. aanetalmaster ....for setting dividers.
Farriers dividers allessence
Bison leather shoeing allessence
Bearing removel digr and one from Gadgeteer
Tightwad milomilo ....Spray can fix /valve stem
Sucker Upper milomilo ......PVC vacuum broom.
My version Charlie C .......Magnetic chip pick up

chop saw stop scott-n-montana
Stop for carbide chop saw digr

Ironworker waste catchers wildfire
Another new tool... by digger doug ......plastic spiral cutter (conduit/wire loom)
vee blocks arcflash
Modular tabletop wire stripper Setup boy
Another cutter Wrench
Fan Puller by 4x4Freak
Creeper Fabrication by tigman250
Wood Lathe by Walter Svandrlik
Shop Made Tools by irnsrgn by irnsrgn, of course

Valve spring compressor digr
demager digr ...... Tool Demagnetizer
Chuck extension digr
Soldering iron digr ......iron holder
The chipper picker upper digr
Stop for carbide chop saw digr
Some of digr's Projects that didn't Make the List. by digr, of course digr
Grinder Extension by digr
Drill Press Stop by digr
Motor Mount by digr
Parts Washer by digr
Oil Pump by digr
Work Stop for Chop Saw by digr
Find the Center by digr
Drawer Slides by digr
Speed Reducer by digr
drill bit stand ...... by digr
Bit storage ..... by digr
Tray for drill bits ..... by digr
puller ..... by digr ... axle hub wheel bearing
Hammers digr

Poor mans mag drill digr
Turned a Magnetic Drill into a drill Press Vernon

Metal Prep Station by Bob Sigmon

Sandblast Cabinet by littlefuzz
sandblasting cabinet slopdog

Powder Coat Curing Oven by ace4059
Building a Powder Coat Oven Barn Owl

Sanders and Grinders.

Carbide grinder digr
Final grinder .....started by OLD MAN .....finished by Cutter .....2"x 48"
Homemade 6x48 Belt Sander with 12" Disk Vernon
And yet another belt Grinder. Charlie C
Not another one digr........Belt sander.
Belt Grinder.............By OLD MAN
Belt Sander by digr
Belt Grinder - Economy Model by Cal_W

Liver & Trunnions .....By Cutter ......HF Tool Grinder Tune-up.
4 1/2 table mounted grinder pegleg1az

Monster Chop Saw by terry lingle


Detailed Plans for a Hossfeld #2 Clone Posted by Chumly2071
Grandpa's Bender by irnsrgn
King Of Obsolete's Chicken by the King himself


I do more than just machine work....... MarkBall2 .....aquarium stand
Real Saw Horses .........By milomilo
I finally got the ambition Charlie C .......Saw Horses
Third Hand - Roller Stand by Ironman
Fab Stands by Lu47Dan
Roller Stand by digr
Roller Stands by tigman250
Pre-Heater Stand started by digr
Shop Stooge by X-ray
Pipe Stands by digr
Vise stand AJinNZ
Wilton Tradesman #1745 Vise And Vise Stand platypus20

Vises and Clamps.

New feet digr........ Replacement C-clamp swivels.
Made a heavy G clamp Ed

Power handsaw straightedge Lew Hartswick...Unistrut straight-edge.

Drill Press Vise Mods platypus20 .... grip round items
Drill Press Vise Project jamesemery728
Vise Clamp digr .......Base Mounting Clamp
Coverting scrap metal into a heavy duty vice. Ed.
post #5 pipe clamp dichdoc
Angle Holder by digr
Pipe Clamp by SlagKing
Bench Vise I Made by tigman250
Vee Block & Clamp by digr
Center Finder use with Vee Block Clamp (above) by digr
Tubing and Pipe Angle Clamps by Diverbill
Hi Low Clamp by digr
Drill Press Vise by digr
I-beam Clamp by digr
Drill Press Adapter Plate by platypus20
The Charles Parker Vise Cutter

Cutter's Vise ~ In the Beginning 08-07-2005
Cutter's Vise
Wilton Gallery

Wilton Cross-slide Drill Press Vise ....By Cutter
2 axis Wilton milling vise .... By Cutter
Wilton: Supplement. ......By GWIZ ...... clone comparison angle vise.

Wilton L-clamps - the Contest Collection .....By Cutter

Restoring a Wilton 450S Bullet Vise precisionworks
2" Wilton Vise - my new toy Charles

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Default Log Splitters and Logging

Sawhorse JohnBoy
The Throw Together Log Tongs engineman56 ..... Log lifting tongs
Black Powder Log Splitter Cavalry
4-Way Log-splitter Wedge! ~Stick/MIG~

Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill Shade Tree Welder
The Sawmill engineman56

The New Improved Wood Splitter engineman56
My New Project! engineman56....log splitter..horiz/vert.
Wood Splitter! by stonestacker
Log Splitter Ideas started by FarmerSid
Log Splitter by Don S
Diversions, Log Splitter & assorted projects by Lu47Dan
A lift to save my back. Lu47Dan ..... Log splitter modification
Logsplitter Project by jrb2

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Default 3 Phase Converters

Phase Converter Question by 7018
3 Phase Rotary Converter by cutter
Three Phase Rotary with Auto-start Article posted by CharlieC

Dan's RPC Build by Lu47Dan
While I wait for ........ by Lu47Dan...... clutch assembly for the RPC.

Installing 40 hp Rotary phase allessence

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Default Ok Kids, Try this at Home.

Home or Shop Built Vehicles & Conversions:

My home built scooter build from 1951 plans Gungatim
First post and a small project. Go Kart UglyWelds
Buggy by Camaro Zach
Truggy Project by stomper4x4

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Default Trailers

<> Trailer parts & information

Building a small trailer ..... by Vernon
I need to build a tilt bed trailer metalmole ... pictures
Scarab 2600 boat and trailer refit/rebuild Ed
Finished one of many.... camdigger .......dump cart
Hay Trailer Build milomilo
The throw together wood trailer engineman56
tongue extension fuel749
Drop Bed Trailer dta84.........Discussion
Trailer Snatch by Photomask
Dump Trailer by randy_m
Got a new motorcycle trailer by RLJ3RD Beautiful Miller blue!

Four threads by jksweld:
Finally Welding Trailer Pics
Welding Trailer: Air Compressor mounted to welder motor and more.....
Welding Trailer: BIG air tank mounted and plumbed
Welding trailer update

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