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Old 09-11-2019, 11:26 AM
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You don't need a large welding machine for this. Assuming TIG process, you should be able to do it with 65 amps or less. Use 1/16 wire. Remove sink and put some kind of shims in place to give you a 1" gap from the wood. Put a backing strip in. Copper would be ideal but stainless steel would work too it just leaves more potential grinding on the difficult side to get a grinder.
Your weld doesn't need to be pretty as you will grind it and polish it afterwards. Don't worry about not being hot enough. Fill that gap as cold as you can get away with. Once you have a rough grind you will probably need to pound the warpage out with a hammer and block before final polish.
Easy as pie except all the nonsense to prepare and reassemble...

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