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Old 12-06-2007, 11:48 AM
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Default Welding Equipment Reviews


Miller Passport Review by LRAmberson
Miller XMT-304 Review by Lu47Dan
PowerMig 350MP vs Millermatic 350P by Shade Tree Welder
MM252 or MM350P by ace4059
Dynasty 350DX: Variable Polarity by KB Fabricators
MM210: Going Beyond The Door Chart by BOB S2
Miller Trailblazer 302 or Lincoln Ranger GXT by sricks
My Tig is in The Mail by Yadranco
Lincoln Invertec V-350 Pro by Platypus20
Thermal Arc 185 AC/DC by Platypus20
Lincoln LN-25 Wire Feeder by Platypus20
Hobart HH210 by 84ZMike
Miller Maxstar 200 SD by Platypus20
Miller Dynasty 350 by Platypus20
I got a yeller one! Esab heliarc 252 AC-DC by DDA52
My Inverter Welder-Longevity by tnmike
New ESAB Multimaster 260 by DDA52
ESAB Caddy 200 Review by used-iron


Smith Torch Review by Mikey
Need Advice on Oxy/Acetylene Setups by firestorm13666
Victor SuperRange by Bender
Weldcraft WP-17 Tig Torch by Platypus 20
Victor WH270FC Torch Handle by rjm

Plasma Cutters

Hypertherm Powermax 30 by platypus20
Speedway Plasma Cutter by pietperson
Plasma Cutter Decision Making by dubby
Which Plasma Cutter to Buy by jimembry
Hypertherm Powermax 1250 by Platypus20


New Speedglas SL Helmet by platypus20
Auto Darkening Helmet From Northern Tool by Mangloid
Miller Elite by coalsmoke
HF Auto-Darkening Helmet by Sirarcalot
Arc One X540F Welding Helmet by Platypus20
HTP CF Helmets by Tx1ton
Jackson Boss Helmet by fillncap
Huntsman 860-P Close Quarters Welding Hood by Platypus20
Welding Hood? by NickWheeler

Gas Bottles

Argon Bottle size by jake172
Different Argon Ratios(mig) by Cavalry

Welder Accessories

Cruizer's Pipe Lining Remote: A Review by Coalsmoke
Tweco Flexible Goose Neck by Platypus20
PowerBench WD100 Welding Table by Platypus20
ESAB Spool Arc 65 Welding Wire by Platypus20
Tweco Mini-mig Gun by Platypus20
Lincoln Magnum 100sg Spoolgun K-2531-1 by Wireweld
SSC Control Tig Pedal by Dr Dean
Welding Cable Reels by Fluxcore

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