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Old 05-09-2019, 07:57 PM
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Default New Welding Helmet

Today, in between Norm and I, following our normal routine of going to the Chinese Buffet and reeking havoc and destruction on the crew at Harbor Freight, we squeezed in a trip to the LWS. They had called during lunch and said the welding helmet I had ordered had arrived.

So at the LWS, I picked up a new Speedglas SL welding helmet, along with a box of outer lense shields. I have standardized on the Speedglas SL (super lite), I have some in the shop and a pair in the service van. I like the lite weight, the shape and the viewing size, I do not like the headgear, supposedly very well made and comfortable, I find it cheesy and ill fitting (large platypus head). I switched the head gear with the older Speedglas 9003 welding helmet, then sent the 9003 over to Norm’s for a very long term trial, I did advise new batteries (2/CR2032).

While at the LWS, I bought a 14”, 120 carbide tooth metal saw blade, for my 14” Milwaukee dry cut saw, a sharpened blade the owner never picked up, I paid the sharpening fee and the postage due on the blade.

I also picked up a Florida Pneumatic needle scaler, a warranty repair drop off, that was never picked up, I paid roughly 30% of the original sale price.

Then we ventured to the local HF, we did the usual aisle by aisle tour and then I picked up a 0-160 psi gauge ($4). We (I) gave the crew the usual ration of shit, on my over due pneumatic 3/8” variable speed, reversible air drill. Its the newer Chief brand, if like the rest of the Chief line, will be a very viable air drill for the shop.

Also today Norm and I discussed the relocation of the dozer hulk in his driveway, it has to be moved over about 6-8 feet and back about 20-25 feet. Not an easy trick as it does not run, so steering is non existent, and it has some serious heft to it, it will be a treat.
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