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Old 04-15-2019, 01:35 PM
KevinF KevinF is offline
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I definitely picked this up as a hobbyist machine. I like it so far but its the experience that I like the most. It does seem to work great though. Arc is stable, plenty of oomph to get a puddle started at 160 AC. I won't be making direct comparisons to other welding machines I've used because I don't have the seat time to feel qualified to comment. I feel I could comment on the difference between my V350 Pro and LN7 over the other mig welders I've used, but they aren't even in the same league. The difference is (still a hobbyist, but) 15 years squirting wire versus a couple hours on tig.

Anyway right after I got this hobbyist machine that I didn't plan to make money with....I took it to a job and did some welding in a plant. Friend and I have a side business doing some industrial repair and (mostly) stainless fabrication but he is off in NZ for near a month so I loaded up the AHP and did a little welding and fixing. No pictures but I promise it was a presentable looking tig weld. Just welded a stainless 3/4" coupling nut onto a plate.

Because pics are great, here is an action shot of a buddy fooling around with some 304.
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Old 04-16-2019, 07:20 AM
o7oBaseMetal o7oBaseMetal is offline
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Yeah, I can see it being fine on stainless. I have seen some major stainless companies running those little Razor DC tig machines that cost like $250. I don't like them but a skilled operator can get the job done with one. I am sure this AHP is better than that because the controls look more professional and less like a toy for children.

There is a machine shop nearby me that is offering me super low prices to buy a bunch of aluminum they don't want to deal with when they move so it might be a situation where I get tempted to buy an AC machine sooner.

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