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Old 03-29-2010, 09:37 PM
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Default Need Manual for old plasma cutter

Hi, I'm new here, and was hoping someone could point me to a source where I can get a manual for
a PCM-70 Plasma cutter. I don't have it in my possesion yet but I just purchased it from
someone who got it from a guy who just retired from a ship yard. They gave it to this guy as a retirement present. Regretably the guy died shortly thereafter. The machine is supposed to be in good shape, but it is old.

I have absolutely no experience with plasma cutters. I have always used oxy to cut.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Old 03-29-2010, 11:39 PM
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Welcome aboard, Bruce.
I don't have any experience with Ltec and no answers for you but looks like Google might.

I found this tidbit at a forum called TTORA where a guy was trying to sell one; I cannot vouch for his information:
Plasma Cutter - $495 obo
l-tec, plasmarc, pcm-70, 220v or 460v, 3-phase. l-tec changed their name to esab, so all the customer service and support is handled by esab. This is an older machine but works good. I bought it to make some brackets and plates for my rear suspension. The bump can assembly and rear shock mounts were made with this plasma cutter. I've cut aluminum and steel with it so far. Now that my truck is finished I have no need for it. Before I bought the machine it was setup for 460v but I only have 220v 3-phase in my shop so I called up esab and they walked me through the setup to change it and it took about five minutes, all I needed was a flat head screwdriver. My point is that esab still services and makes parts and consumables for this machine. $495 obo
(661) 406-7873 Antelope Valley, Ca 93551
We've had this discussion at least once before about this being a 3 phase machine so I guess it must be.
Do you have 3 phase in your shop?
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Old 03-29-2010, 11:51 PM
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Default Need Manual for old plasma cutter

Thanks for the welcome cutter. Thanks also for the lead!
I got the cutter off of craigs list for $300 and verified that it had 240 volt 3 phase input.

I work at home, but I installed a 200 amp 240 volt 3 phase service there, so I should be good to go.
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Old 04-01-2010, 06:15 PM
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You might find the manual here, but the archive isn't easy to search:

ESAB have more Linde and L-tec manuals and are quite helpful about scanning and emailing copies if you ask nicely. Your ESAB regional manager (ask who that is at local welding supply) can hook you up.

If you get a .pdf copy of the manual I'd like one for my collection as ESAB doesn't always put them up for download.
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