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Old 05-22-2018, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by digr View Post
Once I used to much spatter spray and my weld fell off
My very first ever weld bead was in high school welding shop with stick
was the only kid in class who could strike an arc and keep it lit
we were welding coupons and was to be our very first grade

so I run my bead using 7018 take it up to the teach he chips off the slag
and he thought what an awesome weld hollered at the rest of the class to come see what a bead should look like

while he was taking it to cool it under water he was saying we were being graded on the weld appearance, penetration and uniform while he was talking he started cooling the piece I took him and pulled it from under the water then had a odd look on his face...…
and said I know I grabbed the rite coupon then started laughing like crazy

I had laid such a perfect bead but it just slipped rite off the metal didn't even leave a scratch on it well maybe a little heat trail sort of scorched mark....

then looked at me and said no grade for me because he didn't know how to grade something like that..... and said in all his years heed never seen no shit like that..... while holding my bead in his hand he kept that bead and put it in an epoxy paper weight mold as a keep sake to roust me through the next 2 years I took his class...……. and I was the ass end of most the welding class jokes but I took it in good stride and learned how to weld with stick and after I graduated his class a year later the welding teacher gave me my first job at his shop welding...... I don't think now I could even try to reproduce that weld if I tried...

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