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Old 08-15-2022, 08:41 PM
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Default Can you buy a decent Battery Charger anymore????

Tonight I went to back the Jeep out of the shop, battery is low enough I just get the clicking starter. Put my large and expensive roll cart charger on it and put it on 200A boost and only get a second or so of it helping then the “smart technology” shuts down the output. I then put it on 10A charge for about 5 minutes to build it up a bit then went back to boost and again only got a second or so boost before it shut down again. Frustrated and in a hurry I went and grabbed my 30+ year old $20 charger that is the size of a toaster, hooked it up, put it on the 50A boost setting and the Jeep struggled but sprang to life after a few revolutions.

WTF, I paid around $250 for this piece of crap and constantly find myself highly disappointed in it and just grab the $20 one I bought from Quality Farm and Fleet when I was just a lad. Does anyone still make a battery charger that will recognize a battery under 10 volts and will boost longer that .005 seconds? I really need to go over my enemy list to find the person I hate the most so I can gift them this charger
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