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Old 08-16-2011, 07:49 AM
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Default My backhoe bucket cam repairs.

Saturday when I stopped digging the bucket on my hoe was swaying like a drunken sailor, so Sunday I decided to take the cam off the hoe and do the repair work on it. It rained almost all day here on Sunday so I could not get the tractor behind the shop and take it apart.
Monday it rained again but I started getting the tools gathered up to do the job while I waited for the rain to quit. While waiting for the rain to quit after finding all the tools and tooling I decided to straighten out some of the shop, that started out as the "Hunt for My Setscrew Assortment.". While looking for my setscrew assortment I found my two 100' pieces of 3/8" Poly rope that I will need to put in the 3" conduit, so the POCO can pull their own rope through the conduit to pull my new power cable to the house. Since I do not like knots in conduit I decided to splice the two pieces together. That began the "Hunt for my Rigging Manual", once the manual was found I spliced the two pieces together and found out I was short of the 200' length I needed for the job. I must have cut about 35' off the one rope for another job.
So the rain had quit by that time and I was back to the original job of taking the bucket and cams off the backhoe. It was a fight to get the bucket and cams off the hoe. I got the bucket off and the cams came off just before supper. After supper I went and bought another 50' of 3/8" poly rope, and started to finish taking the pins out of the last cam. I got the one pin off and the other one (main bucket pivot pin) needs the back of the nut ground before the I can remove it. That operation requires a bit of finesse, so I punted for the night as the light was not good outside the shop.
Today I am planning on welding the pin holes up in the cams and either building up the pins or make a temporary pin until I can get the right stock to make a new one.
While I am waiting for the parts to cool I am going to splice the last 50' section of rope to the one spliced yesterday.
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