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Old 04-07-2008, 02:57 PM
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Red face Idling problem with Hobart Champion 16 fixed

Greetins y'all, just wanted to let everyone know I fixed the problem with my Hobart Champion 16 gas driven welder. At fast run (rabbit) it would surge in RPMs, fast slow fast slow, etc. And on idle (turtle) it would run down and almost stop. I'm almost ashamed to tell what the problem was. 3 years ago when I changed the fuel filter, I had to snip the intake nipple of the filter so it would fit into the hose coming from the fuel tank. WELLLLLLL, the vibration of the engine, over time, had caused that connection to waddle out and thus, let AIR get sucked into the fuel filter making the engine run as described. Mangleweld and I hashed the problem over as he had the same problem, althought his problem turned out to be a ruptured diaphram on the carburetor. I even asked a local small engine repairman what the problem could be. His first thought was a dirty low idle jet in the carb. Then he said it could be a clogged fuel line or IT"S SUCKING AIR somewhere. NAh, couldn't be that simple. Sure 'nough, while the engine was running, I pulled the fuel filter out from behind the engine shroud and there was this loose fitting and little tiny air bubbles being sucked up into the filter. Cut the hose, added a clamp and presto. the engine ran like new !!! Again, thought I'd pass this on for future reference if anyone else ever has this problem.
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