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Old 02-10-2009, 06:44 PM
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Default new to me TIG?

I was crawlin' around Craig's list (Sarasota-Bradenton FL) today and found a used Lincoln 175 Pro Tig, With torch, stick leads, foot pedal, 2 hoods and an Argon bottle. The asking price is $1500.00. The machine is about 45 min. away from me and I can fire it up for test. I looked it up on the Lincoln site, AC-DC square wave, but a little vague on Phase required and high freq/easy start. The duty cycle sounds a little low, My intended use will be CRMO tubing (frames and cages) and aluminum sheet metal and brackets up to 1/4 in. What say the bretheren?

I've never even seen one up close (bein' a hard core Miller kid, ya know) What questions do I need to ask? What features to test? Any experiences or horror stories I need to hear. Finally, what is a reasonable ammount of money to offer? Thanks, RED
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Old 02-10-2009, 07:30 PM
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I have one, its neither a bad machine or a great machine, its an absolute basic square wave tig machine. No square wave adjustment, basically 2 modes, stick or tig, AC or DC, thats about it. Its an upgraded AC/DC buzz box, with a very basic square wave module build in.. Its better than no tig, but if you want to do quality work, this machine wouldn't be my primary choice. The ones I've seen are all single phase. If its in good condition and all of the extras are in good shape, its worth at least $1200.

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Old 02-10-2009, 07:31 PM
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I have a PT185, which is the successor to that one. I've also used a 175, I'm trying to recall, I think it doesn't have the 'auto clean' setting on aluminum, and there's something else that's different.....will have to try to think of it.

Ahh...the 175 doesn't have a digital display is one, but I still think there's something else.
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Old 02-10-2009, 07:54 PM
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if it's got a air cooled torch, seems a bit high, water cooled torch with cooler it would be a reasonable deal.

we have one at work that is air cooled and the torch gets too hot to hold about the same time the duty cycle shuts the power source down. for chasis work it would be OK i believe because it would get a bit of a rest between welds and you won't be in the upper part of it's limits. 1/4" will be a mouthfull for it, if you plan to weld alot of 1/4" joints i would look for a bigger machine, if you plan to weld a few 1/4" brackets a year it will do it just fine.

it will weld 1/8 aluminum quite handily, 3/16 ocasionally and with preheat and plenty of resting time 1/4" when needed. if it is air cooled the torch will let you know when it needs a rest good luck and let us know what you decide!
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