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Old Yesterday, 10:34 AM
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I know you have gone over all that stuff, but do you understand it's function, and can you visualize and run it in your mind?
I have the ability to run something and cycle it and usually when I am asleep at night and wake up to piss, the answer will show itself.
That does not mean every time this works.
The JD Model B was a case in point. I spent a year tearing into every aspect of the oil pressure and pump and filter system and removed and inspected them all, and every pipe and passage.
At last resort, I pumped oil into it from a pressure tank through the oil pressure gauge line to get lube to the bearings to prevent bearing damage from every time I fired it up dry without pressure.

Then it started pumping oil, and I'll never know why, but it took a year to succeed.

If you cannot clearly visualize how and why a hydraulic circuit does act in normal usage, I suggest you find a mentor who will help and explain what and why the thing does that.
I'm sure that in my case if I had somebody who was familiar with a JD B tractor he could have told me the answer in a heartbeat.

You need to find that guy. And the first question he will ask you is what is the system pressure that is produced? You need to know that. Not what it should be, but what it actually is.
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Old Yesterday, 06:31 PM
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Well got back in to it and have a broke line inside the axle housing and that ain't no fun! double the trouble an no fun what so ever to do on these things.... I tell you if shit can go wrong it will go wrong.... you will know what I mean in the artic cat thread

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