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Old 07-09-2016, 05:39 PM
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1. And there she sits.

2. The headband in place. This thing is more secure than I ever hope it would be for such a relatively small amount of work put into it.
Now that is true only if you don't count the false starts that preceded it.

3. Then there had to be a base for the guide bar to sit on and I simply failed to get a decent picture of it in the early stages but you will see more of it later.
This shot is to show that it does have a gusset to help keep it from flexing.
This too was the result of a second attempt to come up with something that would work. The first attempt was a right angle and the surface it fastens too is not plumb. Duh.
This one is bent past 90°.

4. Back to the yoke, the first part was not long enough to work by itself so I had to 2-piece it, using a flat bar that dubby gave me to advance the cause.
Thank you again.
At this point you might notice there is now a 1 inch chrome bar making it's first appearance. I had found that the 3/4" rod I used in the first experiment had too much flex in it to be effective. That surprised me but this mill exhibits a good bit of torque in her determination to rotate when the head is traveling up or down.
There are also 3 set screws that you might notice around the chrome bar.
They are there to secure the rod and to give me a little bit of fine adjustment to the position.

5. And then back down to the base, (did you notice that I'm following the Pulp Fiction plot line here?) the socket holding the bottom of the rod to the base is clamped to the base in this picture. It got moved around a lot over the length of this experiment before I could determine where it needed to live permanently.

That socket that holds the bar was piece that already had about a 1.25" hole part way through it. I bored a 1 inch hole deeper into it and can store dirt, greasy dust and shavings in the void in the future.

So now we have the the top and the bottom of this contraption and the "connecting" rod, the actual guide bar that the head will have to follow.

A note about that 1" bar: I know that someone gave it to me a good while ago. I know that it lived in a particular spot in the side door frame until I dug it out for this project but for the life of me I cannot remember who dropped it off here. It might have been my son Steve or dubby might have brought it or it could have been someone else. I can't remember and it bothers me.
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