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Old 05-12-2019, 12:39 PM
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Years ago, we had cox cable, Double billing, insane rate hikes and so forth, kicked them to the proverbial curb.

Got FIOS fiber optic. no better quality but better billing. in a couple of years FIOS sold out to Frontier. Big drop in quality, billing required 2 hours a month, on the phone, fighting for the correct and/or acceptable price etc.

Then, Frontier was bought out by Xfinity. Way worse service/picture quality/billing. shifted my internet/email back to AO hell. (that I quit 10 years ago, 'cause of piss poor service/speed) Still had to spend ~ 2 hours a month on the phone fighting with stupid people.

The Admiral bought Netflix and sling, an outside antenna, later added hulu. I will not try to watch hulu, 2 min of content 4 min buffer then 6 min of comercials lather rinse repete.

Reruns of old TV shows, H&I, ME TV on Netflix, is about all I watch now. When it rains, the antenna drops out and I can't watch the local FOX news affiliate (Trampa) so I cruise the internet to raise my blood pressure with political crap, then stream 1940's movies to calm down.

Recently, a local server system has started, using a foxfire box and internet feed. claiming 2000 channels and streaming movies. for $80.00 a year. Kicker is my Xfinity internet ISP is so slow, (4 to 6 BAUD) I can't watch anything at normal pace, way too much buffering and waiting. I don't watch enough pay per view stuff to make it worthwhile to me. (BTW I pay for 60 BAUD speed, but never get it)

All the local players have over priced or under served themselves out of my market.

I'll whore the net for news, (Brieghtbart, us news and world report, the blaze, Drudge and so on) and get back to 4 or 5 books a week, to preserve my sanity.

A 160 MPH drive, down a 2 lane blacktop, all by yourself, is NOT anti-social behaviour... I drag race because football, baseball, and golf only need ONE ball. Paul.

What I really need to know is, WHEN DOES THE SHOOTING START?
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Old 05-16-2019, 09:29 AM
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I have AT&T DSL. Not U-verse. No TV service.

I have a Roku box and a MLBtv subscription. Amazon prime video if there's something I want to watch. Spend less than $70 a month.
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Old 05-19-2019, 04:58 PM
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I have dropped any and I do mean any provider that "AT'Thiesves&liers" and vague-Ver-izon have anything to do with...

So I have gone to a month to month no contract plan companies... "life is good now"

But if I am looking around for anything first thing I will do is make sure "AT'Thiesves&liers" and "vague-Ver-izon" Have not got their fingers into them or are trying to get in and buy them out or become involved with them in any way...

I don't know about most of you but, I like to get kissed before I get fucked!
And I can't imagine any of you like it any different than that either...

But if you do any business with either one DirectT is owned by "AT'Thiesves&liers" well you should run as fast as you can...

They take great pride in ripping off their customers and have no shame in it either Plus they won't do a dam thing about their lying ass CS to get you sucked into any BS! deal they can and once signed on the dotted line "Well you are Screwed!"

I paid them C'S'! $24 a month extra for 10 years for insurance that I still have recorded of the lying asshole with all it covered any and all issues and damages to equipment plus the TVs their self and even added the cell phone coverage and the one time I needed it 9-1/2" years later they said no it does not cover any of that, in fact, it didn't cover a dam thing and all they would say or do... Is, were sorry the CS person misinformed you and we are not responsible for what our CSD sales tell customers...

I was so pissed If I could have reached through that phone and Bichslap his MF ass I most definitely wanted too!

Man sorry but they left a really bad taste behind for me sort of wish I hadn't seen this post LOL! cause there is much more to it with them one big piece of advice I can give you never, never use your bank card to pay those SOB's always using a money order or prepaid card that you solely use for just that and never leave any balance on it for saving and never use more than one card... once you give the card number they can go back through all of them a drain the life out of you legally even when they are wrong... and can and will steal from you... and you have no recourse either!
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