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Old 01-20-2010, 05:45 PM
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[QUOTE=Super 55;332889][QUOTE=OLD MAN;332695]I been around since Cutter chunked the punkin and also seen a blind motorcycle rider who was considered handicapped but I ain't never heard of the syrup and water thing. Please enlighten me so I don't finish up without this knowledge.

Here is a link to the Stovebolt page where I was enlightened.
It really does work well.

No wonder I'd never heard of it, I'm a GMC (Got a Mechanic Comin') man and this seems to be a FORD (Found On Reservation Dump) secret
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Old 01-20-2010, 07:57 PM
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Default Powder Spray is not new

There are TWO types though. Cold and Hot. Cold is used for shaft or bearing surface build up. Generally done on a lathe. The Cold Spray is used at a temp between 200F to 500F Max (to prevent shaft warpage).

The Hot works similar to a OA Torch setup, but has a bottle of powder mounted on it. When your base metal reaches proper preheating temp (using temp indicating crayons), simply depress the lever, powder is introduced in to the flame, becomes molten, and bonds/fuses to the base metal.

Various powders are available for both the cold and hot processes. I sold Cronatron Welding Systems products for 4 years, and owned 2 cold and 1 hot spray torches. Sold them all to a guy in Canada.

First pic is of the "Hot" spray torch, 2nd is "Cold". These are Cronatron brand models. Others are out there. Eutectic, etc. Powders are expensive and come in 1 or 2 lb bottles. Many different powders are available, SS, hard facing, tungsten carbide, copper, etc.

I once used a Tool Post Spray Welder on a lathe. Gizmo attached to the lathe tool post, wire was fed in from a roll, became molten in the "gun" then sprayed on the shaft. Real PITA to use. Not to mention the mess made on the lathe ways, etc.
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