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Old 06-18-2024, 03:07 PM
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Thank you, I am learning more each day, the eccentric shaft is easily remade although I would have liked the old one. Getting the broken teeth fixed looks do-able if I had a welder and 10 years to practice, so I will continue looking for someone who can do it without costing the price of a new lathe.
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Old 06-18-2024, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by ejiles View Post
I need help. I believe I have a 1915 Sebastian lathe. It has been worked on and changed over the years. What I need is knowledge. I will post pictures if this site will let me.
1#. I have the back gears and the mount they go in, I do not have the shaft that goes through it all or the off set bearings. Can I mix southbend parts with sebastian?
2#. I have the banjo but no gears or (spindels?) that would attach the gears to the banjo. Again; can I mix other makes to get that working?
3# The motor I have for it is very old but works, it rotates at 1450 rpm which seems really high for a lathe?
4# Is the pictured knob fixable (replaceable with a different maker?)

I have to fix this lathe and get it working or my wife will not let me buy other projects

Thank you in advance.
Did not realize you have broken gears. Brazing a tooth or two up, then recutting the profile in a mill is your best option if you have a mill. An alternative is to lock the headstock and move the carriage by hand, NO ROTATION!!

The gears on the banjo is for changing the speed of travel on the carriage per revolution of the headstock. Threading or taking a consistent cut will determine which gears to use on the banjo.
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Old 06-20-2024, 12:13 PM
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I’ve also seen a tooth replaced by drilling and tapping a series of holes, locktiting setscrews in place, then shaping them to match the tooth profile.

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