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Old 05-04-2022, 10:19 PM
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Default Acid Etch or Sand for Weight Reduction

You guys remember when they built the Thunderbolt drag cars, and they acid dipped the unit body to make it lighter?

I am going to bend steel some mild steel tubing for a bicycle, & the wall is a little heavier than ideal for my project. So I am considering, after I bend the tubing, I might acid etch it on the inside by repeated swabbing. It would be nice to knock off 0.025”. I’m afraid that is an awful lot to remove.

I might do some tests to see how long it takes with the acid that I have. Of course my goal is to have a uniform weight reduction of the tubing.

My other thought is that I could make a Roto-router sanding device and sand the inside of the tubing repeatedly until it is thin. Most of the tubing will not have sharp bends, but very gentle curves.

Guys who build racing machines are probably doing this stuff but I don’t have any clue about the whole business. All I know is the tube I want to use is too thick and if I could get it any thinner, I will probably not get a good bend.

Anyhow I already have the tubing that I’m going to use in hand, and I was hoping for some sage advice.

Also the acid etching could produce a huge quantity of fumes and I do live in suburbia so I don’t want to offend my neighbors interminably.
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