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Old 10-14-2009, 12:13 PM
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Default vertical bandsaw preference and VFD?

Hello all,

I am looking for a vertical bandsaw and have come to the conclusion that A Grob 18" or a Powermatic 18" (model 81 wood model single speed, model 87 varible metal saw) is more than likely going to be the dibbs. Though I do like the smaller Older Walker turner 16" models. Just can't find one around.

Who, prefers which model and why? I know everyone will have a slightly different thought on this and is the reason why I am posting here. The knowledge base is way cool.

Now for VFD's? Both 18" saws come with 2 or 3HP 3phase and I was thinking that if I am going to spend money on a machine then wouldn't I be better off buying a wood machine (which is constant speed) and using the VFD as the blade speed varible vs mechanically done with step pulleys and such?

On this page they offer 3 VFD's. with different pricing but the only difference I can see is 1 or 3phase in with 3 phase out. All control speed.

Reason why a wood machine? Well, metal machines seem to take a beating and wood machines seem like they wouldn't get the surfaces beat up as much. Is my thinking on this correct?
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