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Old 12-06-2019, 11:23 PM
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The one I’m using at the moment doesn’t have clear markings unfortunately. Comparing it to some known wheels, I’m guessing it’s about a 240/320 range for grit size.

At this point I’m simply touching up some straight edged brazed tools.

First pic, two dull tools side by side.

Second, just touched off, note the small area near the bottom and left side of the carbide that is a lighter shade.

Third, almost there, likely about 0.005” removed.

Fourth, finished comparison. I didn’t take the tip all the way back, as I’ll only be using the flat on this side. The silver solder or braze is showing as a line, and I’m just starting to hit the steel. To gring any more carbide I need to relieve the steel body first. Most of you likely know, but for those that don’t, grinding steel with a straight diamond wheel is usually a bad practice, as it prematurely wears the diamond.

I’m actually thinking I may try setting tools like this up in the mill and milling most of the excess steel away versus using a bench grinder, not sure yet.

Last, a shot of my ‘setup’. The grinding vise is set at 10 degrees to the table

Click image for larger version

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