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Old 04-26-2012, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Floptop View Post
For auto weld you need infinite control for the speed of the shaft you are building up. Remember the circumference of a shaft grows at over three times the diameter. So to accommodate a wide range of sizes it may be best to drive the shaft with a couple of rollers like the pic. I have once seen a setup to build up track rollers and idlers for earth moving equipment. Don't remember much but it was wire fed and could handle up to 48" diameters, I'm not sure how small of a diameter it could do but most rollers are under 6". I should stop by some day and see if its still where I last saw it 18 years ago.
Most I have seen use an old lathe or a copy of such, holding the part in
a 3-jaw chuck. (for build-up)

The rollers I only see for pipe joints, as you can set the rollers to roll
on clean (un-welded) material. Welding (building up) involves
welding all along the length, hence the roller method is less used
than holding with a 3-jaw chuck and some for of tailstock.
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