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Old 01-12-2019, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Lowe.Buuck View Post
You could have a damaged wire with bunch of strands broken or corroded with only a few strands left to conduct current.

This can be difficult to locate with a multimeter. If the wire only had one strand intact and you measure resistance or voltage they will both measure normal values. The trick is to measure current since the damaged wire will not be able to pass enough current through the remaining strands in the wire.

You could try a jumper wire to bypass the existing wire and check if the tail lights function normally.
Finding broken wires is the easy part I have a tool that I clamp on and run down the wires and it will tell you if you have a break and as well as show you low voltage... if I remember correctly a buddy of mine who worked for a phone company gave it to me about 6 years or so ago... similar to the ones used at the auto electric shops around here....

one problem here I had to fix with the wiring was the multi repair patches and DIY from others doing wiring when they should never touch a vehicle to begin with... it look like when your fishing reel backlashes so bad you have to cut it all off to get to the first part where someone tied a heavier line to the old close to the spool and then start fresh... so there were allot of hot loose wires and plugs that were bypassed and hot ran back to grounds that heated up and shorted it was a total nightmare mess...
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