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Old 07-26-2021, 03:21 PM
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Default concrete questions

So I've been helping an elderly lady in the neighborhood keep her house from deteriorating. She has steps going to her side door that has separated. The gap is about 3/4 to 7/8 but there is still rear connecting the two together. Is there an epoxy I should fill the gap with or do I need to stuff it with mortar? This is her primary entry-exit door and salts it in the winter. She wants it done cheap as she is fighting cancer and doesn't think she'll be around much longer but I'd like to do it right too.
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Old 07-26-2021, 04:20 PM
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Maybe some left over thinset from a tile job? It has adhesivey properties. Glop it into the crack with a paint stick?

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Old 07-26-2021, 08:13 PM
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If I understand the images correctly, the ground under the stairs is likely sinking over time, pulling the stair case away from the landing ?

If this is the case, epoxy or any other sticky substance is not the fix. Jacking up the stairs, and getting them back to where they belong, is the solution.

Thinking you really dont have a repair there other than keeping the crack closed so a toe or keys dont fall into it, and that can be done with a myriad of products.,..

Are you cutting out all the old stuff and replacing it ? If you are, something that is not rock hard would be the correct filler. Id like put caulk backing in there and fill it up with PL concrete crack caulk, it will move with the assembly, and do nothing structural.

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Old 07-26-2021, 08:40 PM
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There are concrete epoxies used for setting rebar in holes drilled in concrete.

The link shows some different options.

As Windy said though, things are moving. Eventually gravity will win. I would consider either adding posts under it, or perhaps brackets that fasten to the house and/or porch that still allow some movement.

My guess is the real issue is the ground around the house is slowly settling, and there was likely no proper footing for the base of the stairs to carry the load.

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Old 07-26-2021, 10:24 PM
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Backer rod and sikaflex would be my choice. Fill the gap with the backer about 1/2inch or so down then top with the sika product. it will have some give so it wont pop out with movement.
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Old 07-27-2021, 03:03 PM
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Yes the stairs are moving, not enough to tear down and rebuild. I was worried about water getting in, freezing and cracking whats there. A buddy mentioned it isn't a small enough gap to worry about. He recommended the Sika too. I was wondering if I should fill the gap with concrete, but its been like this for a decade, it will last another 10. If not, it will be someone else's problem.

I appreciate the input gang.
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