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Old 10-23-2020, 10:53 AM
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I've had this conversation with others before.
It boils down to what kind of work you do. And that depends on your customers. They dictate the work type. You may think you know what is going to be when you start, but they will change it.
Repairs and one off do not begin to justify the cost and related issues of CNC
I have only one cnc machine, the plasma cutter. 90% of the time it is flawless. When I or a customer are in a hurry, sometimes it sits and pouts, til I figure out what is wrong.
Or not.
This particular company wants $500 before they will look at the electronics. I did have a computer board failure once and they replaced the board for $250, and then informed me that they will deny further service unless I upgrade to their latest software. To get the features I now enjoy would cost $8000.

So beware that just because it has a computer attached, it does not mean that much. Can it run the current software or not?
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