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Old 06-23-2018, 05:00 PM
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The young one needed to get a nut on his axle (?) to about 250. Got a breaker bar and a pipe extension. Measured the distance carefully and then attached a digital luggage scale to the end of the bar. Yoink, done.

Ain't that hard.
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Old 06-24-2018, 02:28 AM
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A lot of Cat manuals will say '90lbs torque and three flats'

Figuring that not everyone routinely lugged around 1 inch torque wrench the engineers were happy to finally throw the mechs a bone and admmited it was a safe number and they did care how you did it.
I knew an engine guy that routinely used his impact for final torque, I was never aware that he had any problems with that.
"I was raised with you do things because its what you should do. I never expected anything in return."
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