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Old 11-12-2009, 02:43 AM
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I bought this helmet (based on this thread). First one I received, the sensitivity/shade knobs on both sides were stripped out, and didn't work properly. No problem from HTP. They sent me a new one and paid to return the old one.

Now I have the 2nd one and the knobs work, but the thing seems like it darkens whenever I put my head down to look at the table??? I then lift my head back up and look at the wall, and it goes light. Works fine while welding, but it's annoying as hell to have it go dark just before I get the torch into position. Looks like #2 will be getting returned also.

BTW: My friend has the "Chicago Electric" welding helmet from Harbor Freight, and it works better than the one that I have in the same exact location and arrangement - no premature darkening. I sincerely doubt that it's a problem with my fluorescent lights, etc.
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Old 11-13-2009, 09:59 AM
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Mine's been working great since my initial issue and HTP's prompt replacement. I have had it darken prematurely but each time it was a lighting situation (reflected or direct) so I do agree it may be a bit over-sensitive. Perhaps it's picking up reflected light off your table?

One complaint I have after using it for many months now is that the leather piece on the headband didn't hold came unglued - perhaps due to me sweating a bit while welding in the 106 degree heat of the TX summer?!?!?

I haven't glued it back on and the helmet is still pretty comfy.

I tend to use this helmet a lot more than my Miller, mainly due it's grind/plasma feature where it does not auto-dark but filters all UV...I like that when plasma cutting....
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