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Old 11-05-2019, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by NOBLNG View Post
On an I-phone pictures should be taken with it held horizontal and the button on the right. My pictures always come out correct when transferred to the PC.
Yep. And it may help to hold the iPhone in that orientation for a few seconds before you start clicking the shutter button.
This is to allow the level GPS to get its bearings.
Works for me.

edit: Think how it works when you click the level function. In fact, do that and watch it orient itself.
That's what the camera needs to do before you take pictures in the button right/horizontal orientation.
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Old 11-06-2019, 11:48 AM
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On my Androids (Samsung S9+ and S10+) you just hit the camera button and take the picture. It remembers which way you were holding the phone and that's the way it comes out when you send/move/post it anywhere.

Maybe Apple will figure it out by their 15th version. I'm sure that will cost extra and be touted far and wide across the world as the next major advancement in technology.
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Old 12-28-2019, 10:23 AM
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Son Tyler retrieved his table over Thanksgiving and hauled it back to Mobile, Al. There were a few design changes in the top but he did a fine job on the wood and the paint .
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Old 12-28-2019, 10:29 AM
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Looks real nice. Better quality than store bought, plus made by dad, the best quality!

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Old 12-28-2019, 12:04 PM
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Cool design in the wood.

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Old 12-28-2019, 12:14 PM
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Very nice good job by both of you.
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Old 12-28-2019, 06:28 PM
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That's a beautiful job.....I have to get something like that done someday soon.
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