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Old 02-11-2019, 12:42 AM
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Originally Posted by greywynd View Post
It may be easier to bring in a couple loads of coarse rock to make a temporary entrance. Put some of that heavy landscape fabric down, dump the rock on it and clean it back up when done.

They do it all the time for utility/bucket trucks in the east.

Coarse crusher rock works best as the edges lock together.

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Mark, I had a chat with my friend Tim about it. I want to have a maple, a spruce and a carragana bush evicted. They will be in the way. Tim has worked with lots of movers, and he says my house driveway will work fine but we will need to dump a few loads of clay in the ditch as you suggested, and once the movers are gone, We can dig it out and stockpile it for land contouring. We kicked around cost and benefits of a basement as he would be doing the excavation work. As he is familiar with the site and what we need, he advised against it. So it's down to screw piles. I've done a 360 on my opinion since 2009. Wish I had a better installer then.

He also had a good idea on the site leveling. I have an 18" slope over the 74 ft distance, and I planned to put clay in after pilings are installed. His concern is the frozen material will not pack well and the frost coming out from below will make a mess of it. He suggested just get gravel and fill the slope with that. It has to have gravel anyways for the crawl space, so this will do it well.
We agreed to have his hoe here during the move so if needed they can drop the mobile and he can take it into site with the hoe, as it has superior maneuverability. That will make it a foolproof operation.
Monday the development application goes in, and the countdown starts.
Hopefully some pictures soon.
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