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Old 01-29-2019, 06:39 AM
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I would think the de-burring tool would be faster and better. I see you have one.
Nice to see a video done differently. Not a robot voice reading back from a printout, and the thought processes are all included that we would all go through doing this job.
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Old 01-31-2019, 12:12 AM
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tried the de-burring tool but the gear was to hard and it wouldn't even scratch it let alone cut, so when all else fails emery cloth will cut it.

If all goes to plan we will be install the engine tomorrow, I will get some pictures and video of that. its only supposed to be -35C, or -31F for you folks down south , so it shouldn't be to bad putting the engine in especially with the frost fighter pointing at us.
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Old 02-01-2019, 12:19 PM
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well we got the engine in the loader yesterday, it was below -30C and F, and the wind was gusting 35mph/ 60kmh so we were pretty cold but it got done and i even got a little video surprisingly.

Click image for larger version

Name:	GOPR0235.jpg
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ID:	149129

Click image for larger version

Name:	GOPR0238.jpg
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ID:	149130
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Old 02-01-2019, 12:25 PM
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Dang, hearing that you worked in this cold, really makes me feel like a pansy for not working in 0 degrees weather.

Glad you got it in.

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Old 02-01-2019, 03:12 PM
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Thank's a lot for sharing your work!! That video reminds me of when we were running crushers during the winter in the taconite mines crushing 1 1/2" minus for road base, to cold to run the machinery but not to cold to work on it and we all know how many wind brakes there are in a open pit. I couldn't do it anymore, they would find me frozen to the crusher.
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Old 02-01-2019, 03:26 PM
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Ah, the memories of when I was your age and doing work in that weather. Damned glad those days are behind me. Thanks for posting this project!

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Old 02-01-2019, 04:14 PM
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I agree with the rest of those who have been there done that. Nope Not Happening If it was dead out in the field somewhere. It might get dragged closer to the shop. I ain't doing an engine install out in those conditions. Hell my hands go numb laying in bed let alone working in the deep freeze. I guess I'm just a pussy anymore got to be more like Granny
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Old 02-01-2019, 05:29 PM
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Too cold for me......
I have worked out in the racks in chemical plants and refineries when it is cold, and one development at -15°F but we had limits on how long we could be out in that temperature.
Cut firewood several times when it was -5°F but that was in a very wet area that froze deep enough to support the equipment. Only time you could get in there without sinking out of sight. As it was we did get stuck once.
Nice work so far.
As to the deburring, warp the emery around a dowel and use that to debur.
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Old 02-06-2019, 04:42 PM
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well yesterday we finally got the cummins running in the cat, all is good so far! exhaust isnt hooked up yet thats why so much smoke from the engine bay but the turbo elbow and the original stack line up pretty good so a bit is going up the exhaust stack.

Click image for larger version

Name:	GOPR0255.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	GOPR0256.jpg
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