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Old 04-18-2008, 07:01 PM
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Default soldering 430 stainless (maple syrup pans)

i have recently gotten a maple syrup evaporator that has pans of soldered stainless construction, the tag on the pan says the material is 430, they have a few places that need minor repair. they also have brass fittings on them that are a weird taper fit rather than threaded, i would like to solder on stainless pipe nipples in a few of these places. what i dont know is much about soldering stainless, they are done with a soft solder, not silver solder. will this soft solder stick to most any stainless, like if i use a 304 fitting or nipple will it adhere ok? also is there any reason not to use silver solder, in places where it wasnt previously soldered with soft solder i mean. also what type of flux is best to use, most of the usual plumbing solder flux says not for stainless.
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