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Old 03-13-2019, 03:00 PM
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Default Gazebo/firepit overhaul

So the house we bought has, what we’ve been calling a gazebo/firepit. About 14’ x 14’, with a pit in the middle, and a screen, cone chimney, and a stack.

There are a few issues with it, the roof is shingled, but it’s flat, so the snow and water collect really quickly.

Even with the firepit roughly centred, they offset the sheet metal pipe with two 90 degree elbows, which really affects the draft. It’s also just a single wall pipe, so the heat transfers quick and we’ve actually had a small fire at the roof to put out.

So after looking at it a few times, I think I’ve came up with a plan to change a few things.

The existing stack is also only 8” dia, with the two elbows, and the height of the ‘screen’ all around the fire, getting draught can be tough, so smoke doesn’t all go up the stack, and part of the gazebo seating area ends up getting smoky.

My plan is to rework the four sections of roof to give it some slope, likely about a 3:12, just enough to get the water running down the shingles. Change the route of the stack so that it’s a straight run and eliminate the 90’s. And increase the stack to likely 10” diameter to also help increase the draft.

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