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Old 07-31-2015, 10:28 AM
Rob65 Rob65 is offline
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Ok, since no one has said “Don’t make this, it’s a dumb idea” I think I will be giving it a go.

I have plenty of flat steel but no easy means of bending the curve for the bottom of the mixer bucket. I will keep my eyes open for an old propane tank or an air receiver tank so the build may not start for a couple of weeks yet.

I like the suggestion of putting a pressure gauge in the hydraulic cylinder circuit on the Bobcat arms. I wonder how fine the resolution of the gauge would need to be to weigh to say the nearest 10lbs?

Would a simple bourdon tube gauge on a flexible hose be sufficient or would I likely need to use a digital gauge? I have a Parker 0 - 400 bar (5900 psi) transducer that I bought for another project years ago that I could use if I had to, but I never built the electronics to go with it.

Because the geometry of the arms and cylinders changes with lift height I would need to take my pressure measurements with the lift arms at a particular height each time, but that is not a problem.

Before I go and measure the positions of the pivots for the arms and cylinders on the Bobcat and start doing all the geometry / trigonometry has anyone any experience with measuring the pressures in a front end loader?
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