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Old 05-12-2005, 10:28 AM
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Thumbs up nag nag nag - Please?

Well, I decided to try this again instead of the more personal approach of trying to annoy you newer members individually; there's just too many of you running around posting without "properly" filling out your membership profile so I will try this shotgun approach:

Please open your user profile and fill in the location line that you skipped over when you registered.
Look at the header at the top of any page; there is a blue bar with white letters & the first one on the left side is "User CP". Click on that & it will take you straight to your control panel. On the left is a column of choices; click on "edit profile" then scroll down near the bottom to "additional information" and type in the "location" line (where you live). That's all. No salesmen or preachers will call on you as a result. You don't even have to be that specific; if you live in Far Upper Western Rhode Island, then that's good enough.

What happens is this: when you fill in the location information then that city & state appears in the upper right hand corner of every post, reply, whatever that you make here. That is a far different thing than stating that you live in Joisey in a single post.

I think its kinda funny that nearly all of you fill in your birthday when you register, probably because it's pert near the first line but truthfully, nobody really gives a hoot when you were born except maybe your Momma. But it does make your posts more meaningful if we know where you're located. It just kinda adds some local flavor or something & I know for a fact that Texans enjoy seeing more Texans show up, guys in Chicago are always happy to see another one come on board, etc. Now this is not a requirement or a deal buster; if's just a kind of friendly & helpful thing to do & most of us appreciate it.

Then there is the aspect of your being able to get local help or advice in finding suppliers or solutions more readily if other members know you're located nearby. This happens pretty frequently here.
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