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Old 06-21-2022, 12:12 PM
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The time it happened to me it was a shaving from machining, we figured it was lodged in a hole, and fell under the part as I loaded it onto the magnetic chuck. It was just enough that it allowed the part to shift or tip and drive itself into the wheel. That was a 1” wide, 8” diameter wheel. I can still remember seeing two pieces of wheel flying up and over each shoulder.

The other time I’m not sure the cause, I don’t recall hearing if they figured it out. It was a larger wet grinder, with a wheel that was I believe 2” wide and 12” diameter.

For those that don’t know, when ever coolant is used on a grinder, shut the coolant off, and run the wheel for another few minutes. (Was always told two minutes minimum, I tried to go 5-10 while doing other things.) This allows the water/coolant to fling back out, or off the wheel. If not, the liquid can settle to the ‘bottom’ when shut off, and can cause an out of balance situation. Sometimes enough the wheel can crack and explode.

Oh, and Tim, if no-one has shown or told you, make sure to ‘ring’ a wheel before mounting it.

Balance it on your finger or whatever is easy, and give it a light tap with something non-metallic (plastic screwdriver handle, for example), and a good wheel will ‘ring’. If it’s cracked you will hear a dull sound or even a thud. If that’s the case, destroy and toss it.

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