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Old 01-09-2008, 05:24 PM
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Nice choice of truck and motor. I'm a ford fan myself and wish more of the serious pullers around here would run them. The aftermarket support seems to be alot better for bowties and the cummins so thats what you tend to see the most of.

I'm a dyed in the wool diesel guy, but I'd probably go with a gas motor if I was building a pulling truck too.
The diesel class is fun to watch but in the stock classes it seems to just be a matter of who has the most money to buy the bolt on parts with. Tuners, exhausts, injectors and whatever else you can get away with. Its not until you get into the big times that you get to see trucks that are really built, and there just aren't many folks who can afford to play that game.
The gassers on the other hand still require a good bit of tuning to really run good and you get to see alot better competition across the classes around here.
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Old 01-09-2008, 06:11 PM
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Default You'd be surprised

Parts choices and availability used to be an issue, but now days, the potential of the BB ford is really just starting to be discovered. For example, we have a bigger selection of heads available then ever, and I have been hearing of more on the way. Also, when you start building a serious motor, the cost is pretty much the same as an equiv. Chevy mill.
My truck is not even close to stock any more, so the local brush pulls won't let me hook in the class. They will let me do an exhibition pass, but why risk breaking unless there is something I'm trying to sort out.

This summer, our local fair put on a pull, and I made an exhibition pass just cuz I knew many of my friends would be there and they don't get to see me run very often. I ran out of room at the 350' area, so I shut it down. The next closest "stock" truck went 285. So that gives you an idea of the power level my little 468 is at... :evil:

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Old 01-16-2008, 09:19 AM
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HELLYEA, you got my attention. I love the pulls. Unlimited tractors are my favorites, something about 5-6 supercharged beasts or 2-3 gas turbines screaming down the track makes my d.. well never mind. MORE PICS!
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Old 01-16-2008, 11:26 AM
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Default Video's

Here is a link to some of my videos.

Also, you can go to my associations website and check out some vids.

Annnnd lastly, here is a couple more progress pictures, one is of the dash as assembled, and the other is the new hydraulic steering.

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Name:	Dash assembled.jpg
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Name:	Steering2.jpg
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Old 01-18-2008, 08:02 AM
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Well all I can say about the cost of diesel pulling is, tell me about it.
But it is very addictive, I agree the sound of a gasser V-8 is great but I like the V-block diesels even better. I need to see if I can post a link of a Detroit V-12 pulling.
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