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Old 12-04-2019, 09:32 AM
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I typed a long reply about mini splits but my wifi went down.
Too much to retype,but i did not have good luck with Minisplits here at my place,just get a standard house unit and forget about the mini splits.
Mine all blew up and the service company did not want to work on them,stating they were not made to be fixed.
They did replace 3 compressors but they failed too,it took them months to get the compressors.
I had 1 out of 4 that still worked when the hurricane came,and it was mounted on the roof and we have never found it yet.
1 out of 4,with 3 of the 4 having had the compressors replaced and they blew up again.
I had a bucket full of caps for them too,the caps were blowing up monthly.
Get a unit that can be fixed.
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Old 12-04-2019, 05:32 PM
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I like the package heat/AC units that mccutter suggested. If I went with one of those I'd get one with lp gas for heat.

On the shop side I'm looking at a Reznor UDAP125 or UDAP150 unit heater. AC in the shop will have to wait.

Probably a exhaust fan with a shutter in the wall. 42" and 2 horsepower.

Hopefully Sunday I'll get my windows in the walls so I can finish my siding.

I've also realized I need work lights in my building. It's going to be dark in there when the walls are done.

I made a long drop cord out of 12/2 Romex. I'll use that to run lights. Power tools I'll run off my generator.
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