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Old 12-15-2019, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitetrash View Post
Honestly, I would hold off on Hug A Tree oil. I understand your desire to not turn the homestead into the berth of the "Exxon Valdez". But, keep things in context regarding potential issues. Other than drive motors on the lift we are talking very short cycle times. Which means most leaks will be very small and rectified with a dixie cup full of floor dry. Start by fixing the major culprits as far as leakage. Assess actual volume to be handled and go forward from there. I guarantee "Green Oil" is going to be Hellish expensive and probably require you to flush and purge your whole system to actually accomplish your desired goal. Hopefully Ron will weigh in on this as he is the GURU on all chemical lube issues. But, after close to 30 years working with fluid power equipment. I think I'm at least on the right page on this.
yeah, that is what one would think, but this is not the case.. The unit leaked 30 gallons of oil in 3 days.

I'm not looking at this as a complete leaker.. I'm looking at it as I hate working with oils that make a mess.. I need to fill this thing up again to move the boom out to replace the leaking line and to drive it from where it is. Running it for 10minutes had 5gallons of fluid on the ground. LOL.

The swivel leaks and is one of the main leakers but the problem is that it has a self leveling feature which makes every hydraulic work at the same time and this powers the lines that are leaking.

Then when the motor/pump is off the low pressure side still leaks. the only way to fix this is to put in a ball valve into the low pressure line or fix all the leaks.. But it's a chicken and egg thing.. Line leaks at high pressure. swivel leaks at low pressure/no pressure..

To replace the line that is leaking the boom needs to be extended all the way.

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