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Old 02-24-2024, 02:04 PM
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For a repair, I have machined failed splines off both parts. Made a bushing that
fit snug on the parts. Split the bushing and machined a keyway that engaged
both the shaft and the pulley. I was able to drill and tap for set screw on both
sides of the pulley and hold everything together used a combo of bearing
retaining compound on the bushing and blue loctite on the set screws to hold it

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Old 04-14-2024, 01:16 PM
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I finally put the machine back together, and so far my shim stock patch is working, probably only because these splines do not move in relation to each other, the spline was probably the easiest way that the OEM could use existing parts.
I absolutely realize that this isn't by any means a proper fix, how ever I just decided to see if the hard shim stock would work. I am going to be gentle with it, If it strips out again I have a plan to use a chunk of a cv axle spline and socket machined to fit, I plan to bore the axle section to just interference fit and press it on, I will weld the to shaft pieces to form a new male spline, the other end, I will mate the female spline to the collar on the input shaft and weld that together. I can do this solution without taking the shaft out of the gear box. the other end can just press out of the adapter housing and will be easy enough to machine to center the female spline.
Maybe the shim stock patch will work for a long time, if I am gentle with the machine.
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Old 04-15-2024, 11:02 AM
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Unless your machine is the only one in existence there is a source for parts. I have found parts for 150 YO clocks. Post more info and pics especially damaged area and I will help look.
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Old 04-16-2024, 09:11 PM
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thank you for the offer Moe1942, I have no doubt that the parts exist, some where, probably in Europe where the machine came from, the cost might get out of hand easily and the machine is tired, I have no intention of restoring it, just getting a bit more service out of it. If I have to fix this problem again I want to do it with common salvage parts. or convert it to a powershift again using common salvage parts
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