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Old 01-29-2024, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Scotts View Post
I had a terrible time with where to put a 90 and make the thing come out correctly. Some how or another I figured out the measurement called out on the bender. 5 inches stub on 1/2 inch and 6 inch stub on 3/4. I can do the 90s and have them come out correctly. The others. well.........

How to ID wires after a few sleep cycles in the panels and conduits. Or my redneck way, POWER OFF!!! use your Ohm meter and a pair of vise grips. pick your target conduit, strip a wire at the panel and vise grip it to the conduit or the panel the conduit is connected to, one lead of meter on a wire and one on the conduit set to ohms, leave the one on the conduit and touch the ends of the wires one by one. When you have continuity you know where each end of the wires are. Now do that 500 times and you will be done. Hmmmm wonder why I only picked 500 times?

Scott, worked a charm.. The conduit was a great path, so I guess the grounding aspect if installed correctly played in.

2 days ago I was able to get all the lights connected and working the way they should.

Running those extra 2 wires was moot. I won't be doing that again.

Seems so weird coming in and hitting a switch and the lights come on..

The dimming function works as it should too.

Have just a few more circuits to wire on this end..

Then can move onto the siding and installation of the sub panel for 1ph 120/240V.
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