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Old 01-04-2024, 11:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
Brian, You have to set the overloads as yooper said, and there is one question I have. I see your nice big On/Off switch, and my suspicious mind says you are switching the 3 phase output. This will kill your VFD
On/Off has to switch the power from the control buss on the vfd.

Also I always use a VFD about 40% larger then needed, and back down the overcurrent protection to my needs. I just bought a 10hp vfd to run a 5hp motor. They are cheap now. My last chinese vfd on my drill press has been turned on for 8 years, and every time I step on the foot switch it runs.

The forward/ reverse switch is switching the VFD drive.

There is a safety switch for belt guard wired in series with the emergency stop button. So if either switch is tripped, drill press stops.

I’m going to look into the settings more. Several have mentioned to limit the amperage, especially for lower hertz.

I programed the basic parameters like Dake supplied sheet, except this time I changed the minimum hertz to 20, instead of 10. I might bump this up to 30 after these comments.

I did also change the belt speed. Which was a pain in the a$$. I think previous machinist modified the motor mount, and added a threaded bolt with jam nut to push motor bracket away from housing to help tension tge belts. Nice idea, but the head of the bolt and nut prevent the motor from loosening the belts up enough to easily change them. I’m tempted to take a sawzall to the head of the bolt. This bolt is not shown on parts breakdown, so I think it was modified in house.

This would explain why old machinist yelled at me when I attempted to change the belts when I first started, instead of using the VFD to slow it down. I didn’t know what a VFD was back then.

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